Team collaboration platforms are a great way to help your team succeed and avoid any roadblocks or missteps along the way. However, some team collaboration software can become more of a hindrance on a business, rather than a tool for success.

When you’re looking to introduce or upgrade your current team collaboration platform, it’s important to understand the essential features your team members need in order to succeed. When you take your team’s considerations and need seriously, you’ll avoid any missteps along the way.

Here’s our list of the four most common ways that a collaboration platform can negatively affect your team’s productivity.

1. Your Platform Doesn’t Support Mobile Function

In today’s day and age, mobile support for software is becoming more of need, rather than a want. Employees and users thrive in a mobile environment, and it’s important to give your team members flexible ways to collaborate with one another.

When employees don’t have multiple ways to interact with each other, clients, or your website, it can be difficult to work and can potentially slow them down, creating an unproductive work environment.

2. The Software Is Hard To Use

It’s quite obvious that software can sometimes be a difficult to use tool. It can take weeks, if not months, for an employee to become completely comfortable and fluent in a software that is critical to your business. When your team members can’t use or navigate software effectively, it creates an unproductive work environment and wastes valuable company time.

It’s also important to note that employees can begin misusing the collaboration software or give up on the software altogether if the software is difficult to use. You will start to see your tasks fall apart and employees will begin to complain about the software that is supposed to help them.

Be sure to prioritize functionalities that will help your employees thrive. See what functions they need, and what they can do to improve their own work ethics.

3. Lack of Functionality.

There’s nothing more frustrating when your current collaboration platform can’t do what is required of it. When your team members feel that their current software is holding them back, it can be a crippling blow for your business. When you’re hosting a conference call or important meeting it can be quite the restriction to get your business up and running.

When your software isn’t performing to the best of its ability, it can cause a loss of confidence for your employees and clients.

It’s critical to understand the software that you are using before you enact full procedures that revolve around that software.

4. Poor User Design

The software that you choose for your business should reflect your business’s need and wants. It’s important that each of the features should allow for open feedback and tools to help improve user efficiency and productivity, where ever possible.

The platform that you uses for everyday business should be optimized, sharp and sensible for your business.

Are your team members and employees currently struggling with the current collaboration platform? If so, it might be a great time to consider a different platform to help your business and avoid any common pitfalls that your company might encounter in the future.

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