Online conferencing is one of the best ways to collaborate with a team and communicate ideas effectively and efficiently. It creates more productive, engaging and effective meetings.

However, what if you could take your online conference meetings to the next level? Incorporating screen sharing into your meetings the best way to do it.

Let’s explore four great ways that successful business incorporate screen sharing into their online meetings.

1. Streamlined Problem Solving

Problem solving and troubleshooting can be one of the most common meetings that businesses and companies organize. It’s important to hold value to each team member’s ideas, opinions or suggestions.

However, does your company’s online meetings give everyone the opportunity to contribute and see problems clearing? If you’re not using screen sharing during your online conferences, the answer is probably no.

Screen sharing during troubleshooting or problem solving sessions creates the opportunity for every team member to be on the same page and gather necessary information in real time.

Instead of organizing a telephone call or drafting a lengthy email thread, businesses can simply create an online conference that supports screen sharing to make sure that everyone is on the same page and save precious time.

2. Planning Out Lengthy and Complex Processes

Planning out complex and detailed processes can be quite the task. Although, communicating those lengthy and complex processes with your team can be a difficult task within itself.

Screen sharing creates the opportunity to cover each step of a process or document with your team without missing a single piece. A great example of using screen sharing to plan out a complex process would be to hold a meeting while screen sharing while simultaneously recording your huddle.

This example gives each team member the opportunity to review each detail of the meeting accompanied by a great reference and major points created from the screen share.

3. Create A Collaborative Environment

It’s important to keep your meeting attendees and team members engaged throughout your meeting, ensuring that no detail is missed and that everyone is on the same page.

Creating or hosting an online conference which supports screen sharing is the best way to encourage team members to follow along and understand your plan. This gives everyone the opportunity to follow along and understand the content, especially visual learners.

Take some time to think of some recent meetings that you’ve held with your team member and ask yourself, would screen sharing improve these meetings significantly?

4. A Multi-Tasker’s Dream

If you’re the type of person who works with over 100 tabs on your internet browser, saves unfiled documents to your desktop takes pages of notes all while in a meeting, screen sharing is the perfect tool for you.

Screen sharing allows the opportunity to choose which of your screens you share with the online conference, keeping all of your files or confidential information out of the entire meeting.

To work efficiently and productively with a team, you need the right tools. Zip Conferencing’s online conferencing screen sharing tool allows you to convey important information with your team while adding effectiveness to your presentations.

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