Video conferencing can be an extremely important asset for your business, and a great tool for clients. However, most businesses aren’t using video conferencing to its fullest potential.

Including video conferencing into your daily tasks and communication is a great way to grow and establish relationships and team building between your team members.

Let’s take a look into the most impactful ways that video conferencing can affect your team and office environment.

1. Video Interviews Can Expand Your Hiring Pool

Introducing video conferencing services to your hiring procedures is a great way to upgrade your reoccurring processes, while expanding and improving your opportunities at the same time.

For example, video conferencing can help you expand your potential hiring pool. It can allow candidates and potential hires from across states, provinces or even countries the opportunity to introduce themselves to your business without the limitations of physical location.

Lastly, video conferencing gives an employer the opportunity to connect with a candidate on a more personal level. A video conference interview allows for a recruiter to gain a sense of a candidate’s personality, composure, emotions, attention and even sense of humor.

2. Interact With Your Remote Team Members

While traditional voice calls, email or instant messaging may suffice for some businesses, video conferencing adds more workplace interaction for remote team members and lets them feel more valued.

Creating face-to-face opportunities for remote members is a great way to create a unified workspace environment and have everyone feel valued.

3. Review and Collaboration Opportunities

At times, it can be difficult to communicate ideas or complex procedures with team members, especially when communication is limited to written text.

Video conferencing eliminates the fog of confusion that team members may experience, allowing ideas, emotion and communication to flow freely. Moreover, communicating ideas while simultaneously screen sharing allows members to pinpoint issues or errors in real time.

4. Take Advantage of One-On-One Meetings and Check-Ins

For most companies and businesses, video conferencing is limited to large meeting and client meetings. However, video conferencing offers much more than traditional uses.

Video conferencing creates the opportunity for one-on-one check-ins with team members who reside outside of your company’s immediate location. This creates the opportunity to communicate large amounts of information without the confusion and misunderstandings that written communication can sometimes create.

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