We have been providing remote collaboration services to businesses for over ten years but could not have ever envisioned that the majority of the workforce in the United States would be working from home. And while our services do provide all the necessary tools to be productive working away from the office there are challenges as well. So along with having the tools necessary to do the job, here are some tips for making the most out of our services and being as productive as possible.

Have a Routine

Just like when you commuted to work you should set up a regular routine you follow every day. Get up at the same time every day, “commute” to your desk at the same time every day, take lunch every day and so forth. The more you establish a regular routine the more normal it will remain and if there are others in your house they will also get used to your routine.

Have a Work Space

Establish an area that is your office. For many it may just be a piece of the kitchen table but make it the same piece every day. That way everyone in the house knows where your workspace is and this is your work area.

Establish Rules for During Work

Especially if there are other people in your home you should definitely establish rules for work time. Not just for your benefit but if you are on conference calls for business you do not want to be interrupted by others in your space. It can make it very disruptive to the call and impede your productivity.

Be On Time

For virtual meetings it is more difficult to nudge someone to remind them about a meeting. The only effective way to keep everyone as productive as possible is to show up for meetings on time. It is the right thing to do for you and the courteous thing to do for others.

Socialize with Colleagues

Just like you would do at the office it is important to socialize with your colleagues. Schedule a video call with your colleagues to just have fun. The importance of the chat around the office cooler can not be over emphasized.

Be Positive

Despite the news of late it is really important to stay positive for yourself and others. Try not to discuss the world news every time you get on a call. Focus on your business and ways to make the most out of the time you have with others.

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