For years, conference calling has been one of the main pillars of a successful businesses, and a key aspect of a corporate work structure.

Like the many industries who utilize audio conferencing on a daily basis, the industry has changed and evolved to meet new wants and needs. However, most businesses are still suffering from out-dated platforms and poor audio quality.

Here’s how to host a successful audio conference, and get the most out of your current platform.

Improved Audio and Connection Quality

Your conference call is only as good as your audio and internet connectivity. If you voice during the call is filled with static, or dropping out every 2 or 3 minutes, it can not only be frustrating for you, but for the other person on the line as well.

Before you begin your call, ensure that you’re using the best internet connection available to you and that you have an excellent phone, speaker, or microphone to pick-up your audio.

It’s always best to plug your phone directly into the internet, versus using a WIFI connection.

Use Your Natural Voice And Tone

If you’re like most of us, you have a distinct ‘phone voice’. A phone voice can be often described as a canned and imposed voice that you use while on the phone.

It’s suggested that you avoid using this voice at all costs, as it can be detrimental to the productivity of your conference call. The reasoning behind using your natural voice versus your ‘phone-voice’, is that it is an excellent caveat for expressing social cues and meaning.

Using your ‘phone voice’ can also convey uncomfortableness, insecurity and be taken as being disingenuous. Be sure to present your most natural self, and your conference call will be a great success.

Stay On Topic

During a conference call, it can be easy to become distracted and sidetracked. Sometimes when people go on tangents, minds can wander off and people start to become disinterested in the meeting as a whole.

Being sure that you’re staying on top is crucial for both in-person and remote meetings, making sure that you’re focused and on a task will help save you valuable time and allow you to host a successful audio conference.

Try Standing When You’re Speaking Or Pitching

Just like a presentation, standing will give you greater confidence when speaking, along with an increased focus. Standing will allow you to communicate your thoughts clearly, while still controlling the conference.

If you’re wanting to have a great audio conference experience that’s productive and less frustrating, make sure you follow the steps. If you’re looking for a better audio conferencing experience, Zip Conferencing has a solution to all of your audio conference needs.

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