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Tips for Working from Home

We have been providing remote collaboration services to businesses for over ten years but could not have ever envisioned that the majority of the workforce in the United States would be working from home. And while our services do provide … Read More

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How To Host Successful Audio Conferences

A successful audio conference is a critical part of a functioning business. Make sure you’re utilizing all of your skills and assets to make your call a success. … Read More

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4 Ways A Collaboration Platform Can Cause Negative Productivity

When looking to increase your team’s productivity, choosing the right collaboration software can either bring success or roadblocks. … Read More

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Screen Sharing 101 – 4 Online Conferencing Suggestions

Streamline and improve your online conferencing with screen sharing. Ensure that ideas, procedures and tasks are communicated effectively with screen sharing. … Read More

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Connecting With Your Team – 4 Ways Video Conferencing Helps

Video conferencing creates new opportunities for businesses and creates improved opportunities of collaboration for your team members. … Read More

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Smart Collaboration Tools that Rejuvenate Virtual Meetings

Zip Conferencing provides you and your team with advanced collaboration tools that will save you time and make your team more efficient. … Read More

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Zip Conferencing Announces the Availability of a Conference Call App

Zip Conferencing announced today that it now has a Mobile App available for cell phones and tablets that make it easier to manage your conference call account remotely. … Read More

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Zip’s New Host Control Features

Understand what Zip Conferencing’s new host control features means for your business. Learn how to customize your conference call, and how to change your current rate plan. … Read More

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