In today’s fast-paced world, change is inevitable. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and other computer-driven communication systems are reshaping how teams interact during virtual meetings. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be agile. They need flexible, intuitive collaboration tools that keep teams on their toes. The effectiveness of your virtual meetings relies on the smart collaboration tools that transform the user experience. How does this all work?

Evolved note taking for virtual meetings

While note taking in virtual meetings is a necessary evil, traditional note taking is time-consuming. Today, smart collaboration tools combine note taking and transcription functionality within the platform. Recording or having your recording transcribed can save you a lot of time. This way, you are able to efficiently offload note taking and refocus on higher-value tasks at hand.

Talk about working smarter and not harder. Your team will appreciate taking advantage of tools that give them the freedom to be more productive.

Automate processes to save time

Workers waste an inordinate amount of time orchestrating work rather than doing work.

It is no secret that smart collaboration tools breathe new life into productivity by reducing the volume of tedious, mundane and manual tasks from the workday. Teams that leverage AI tools integrated into their collaboration and meeting software (such as recording reminders, calendar-aware scheduling, transcription services and follow-up reminders) can save time that adds up. Your work week can then be used to handle your most important and pressing tasks.

Get remote teams on board

Remote teams are typically optimistic about adopting smart collaboration technology. Virtual meetings are the focal point of how they communicate, so they are also eager for advancements in smart collaboration technology.

When you implement a new generation of smart collaboration tools, your remote teams will be your microphone of support, singing the praises of using these virtual meeting platform tools.

Improve processes for IT teams

IT teams are in the trenches with technology day in and day out, so they have expanded visibility into areas for improvement. With this in mind, IT teams typically embrace collaboration technologies because they streamline communication. Smart collaboration tools create a buzz, which makes dispersed teams excited to connect and share information.

By leveraging the latest and greatest collaboration technology, IT teams can increase adoption rates and virtual meeting software usage. In addition, reliable platforms decrease the demand for IT support resources. IT teams won’t argue with being more available to focus on other tasks.

Are you ready to implement these groundbreaking smart collaboration tools and more? Learn more by taking advantage of a free GlobalMeet Collaboration trial today!

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